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On Tuesday, the hushen 300 index rose 1.52%. Among them, reflect the industrial stock of hushen 300 index rose to 2.22%, higher than the average of the CSI 300 index of all industry segments. The reason is mainly one of shipping, railways, aviation, ports and transport logistics sector surged significantly outperform, gain greater representation of a unit are: iron Dragon sea shipping, logistics, Cosco shipping, merchant shipping, Cosco, Air China and the Hong Kong Group, Tianjin Port, Rizhao port, Daqin railway, and so on.
Fundamentally, in December 2009, China's exports grew by 17.7%, rose 15%, in which the year growth since its first positive growth since November 2008. The data show that, under the impact of the global financial crisis, China's export growth since November 2008 long time has come to an end, will mark the turning point of the transport and logistics industry. Internationally comprehensive Baltic freight index before BDI plunge affected since the second half of 2008 and earnings slump of shipping companies, performance of restorative growth may occur in 2010, especially those international shipping business a larger proportion, in 2009, a significant loss of ocean enterprises (such as CSCL, China Ocean shipping, etc). From the domestic situation, China (bulk) BFI CCFI middle of 2009 four-quarter rebounded strongly after falling to around 1000 points, the highest break 2000, January 6, at 1633, for coastal transport a large proportion of China shipping development, long aerial tanker company, 2010 contract price is likely to increase. Export growth turn positive, limited recovery of the boom of the shipping industry generates a natural market for port and port machinery and shipbuilding related companies expected a shift in performance, thus the Hong Kong Group, Tianjin Port, Rizhao group, on Hong Kong, and Guangzhou shipyard international, China shipping, Zhenhua heavy industry such as 300 industrial stocks also rose. Civil Aviation, the airport, the monthly data released from the listed company, aircraft taking off and landing vehicles, passenger throughput, cargo throughput of data were compared with rapid growth, the market is expected to further good.
2009 is the transportation and logistics industry gains lag plate, especially railways, roads, airports and other relatively strong defensive industry. In the current hot market round fried, 2009 gain large plates in the context of continued consolidation in early this year, hot money, might be staged in sign of care for the transport and logistics industry, investors can take advantage of moderate attention. Need pointed out that of is, currently ocean transport, strong periodic unit of hype main is market expected changes and hot round moving due to, industry fundamentals still in recovery among, expect its boom degrees short-term within recovery to 2007 and the 2008 first half of of peak period (BDI index highest to had 10,000 more points) is not reality of, market fried of is expected, investors sale timing needed both entity economic and stock virtual economic of differences.