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In 2010, the information will be demand-led transportation and safety control system, ensure that completed projects are of good quality and high efficiency. Meanwhile, will concentrate on relationships globally, key items of significance, particularly high speed railway informatization project.
First, building independent intellectual property right analysis of traffic information collection, transmission, treatment systems. Exploration in passenger line and speed section established car on to, and to on car, and empty on to of information collection system, real-time collection lane information, especially, speed detection information collection system to can achieved detection system with General moving EMU with using; established information remote transmission system, will collection to of information timely transmission to the regional scheduling command center; established lane information analysis processing system, on collection, and transmission to scheduling command center of lane information for analysis processing, Provides decision support for train safety control and transport organization and command.
Second, in 2010, will continue to do a guest spot management system of online promotion. The system will integrate the world's most advanced technology and the hardware and software, with independent intellectual property rights, with world-class computer systems, covering all passenger, and with the existing information system interoperability, backward compatible.
Special system of detailed operation plan, passenger plans, construction plans, run command, operation and maintenance schedules, emus etc functions localized on each passenger. In addition, the integrated maintenance base information systems to adapt, "maintain", implement works, electrical works, various types of power supply control, and dynamic management of overall requirements, guarantee the security and stability of fixed equipment.
Railway operation and requirements for information at all levels more and more data, information system more and more, more and more of a challenge, railway information technology departments at all levels have also recognized that information sharing and resource integration and the importance and urgency of actively planning server core equipment, such as processing capacity at all levels to upgrade and renovation. Other hand, along with railway operating mileage of growing demand construction of railway information network is also growing, therefore, railways will continue to increase investment in new stations, work area, such as network access points and other construction work, has integrated IT network Reformation, improvement of existing workshop team and other grass-roots units of the access conditions, grasp the last kilometers of network.
Internet of things: the future of information technology
IOT has attracted nationwide attention. Railway IT departments will examine the Internet of the latest technology, learn Internet of the latest theories, the initial pilot application of Internet of things in the railway system, and developed independent RFID systems. RFID technology can identify high speed moving object, and at the same time identifying multiple RFID tag, operation is quick and easy. China railway has long of railway line (2012 business mileage can up 110,000 km above), and stars like of site, and number to billion meter of goods, using RFID label can only identifies commodity of features, and through computer, and network technology, and database, technology of combined, can achieved in transport of all link Shang track goods, makes owner can real-time master commodity in transport of which link Shang. Application of RFID technology, can shorten the process and to improve inventory quality, increasing distribution center throughput, reduce operating costs, logistics tracking, and transfer information quickly and accurately, which has an extremely important significance for China railway.