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According to the Shanghai shipping Exchange, released 9th message, beginning of the year, China's export container transportation market continued the downward trend at the end of last year. European route freight rates down again, nearly cost North American routes, near ocean route declines sharply increased. Composite price index close to its historic low of 901. At 65 o ' clock. On January 9, the Shanghai shipping Exchange issued China's export container transportation index was 915. 77 o'clock, export container freight index in Shanghai was 868. 06 o'clock respectively last week fell by 1. 6% and 1. 7%.
The European routes, the overall situation is still under the shadow of the global economic downturn. Although the Christmas holiday beginning at the end, the consignee a receipt, but the European shortfall in overall consumer confidence remain sluggish transport market demand, the volume remains at a low level. In order to respond to the growing market of light, the major shipping companies are to a certain extent intensified efforts to withdraw routes, storage capacity.
North American routes, this week's market drop steadily. Traditional ship section height does not appear as scheduled, essentially flat volume last week, West Coast airlines average shipping space utilization is around 75%, decreasing volume and excess capacity led to intensified market competition.
Japan Airlines, the volume of domestic setback, ships class average utilization rate of 60% the level of freight rates low oscillation. Cancelled flights during the new year's day, had been suspended as the ship continues to use this winter to Japan routes will be even worse.