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Intensive. Fourth party logistics integrated technology company, management consulting and the ability of third-party logistics service providers, integrating the logistics resources, provides a complete set of supply chain and logistics solutions in the full sense to effectively meet the needs of diverse and complex needs.
Of value. Fourth party logistics through the ability to have an impact on the entire supply chain to reduce operating costs, lower operating costs and improve asset utilization, and can bring benefits to the entire supply chain of customers, increase the value.
Standardized. Fourth party logistics to speed up the process of standardization and normalization of the entire logistics industry, advanced logistics specifications and quality standards for harmonization and standardization of logistics management procedures and practices.
International. Fourth party logistics is to appear under the trend of economic globalization, so its own internationalization is inevitable, mainly in the international logistics market and service needs of internationalization and internationalization of logistics support systems, supply chain management, internationalization and internationalization of enterprise culture, and so on.
Three models of the fourth party logistics
Fourth party logistics is a supply chain that provides a comprehensive supply chain solution integrator, according to Anderson Consulting's classification, there are three possible modes:
Knowledge-intensive model, also known as "assist", that is, work for third party logistics fourth party logistics, lack of third party logistics techniques and strategies and skills.
Program customization, also known as "solution integrators", the fourth party logistics for the owner to the service, and all third-party logistics providers and other providers, contact centers.
Mode, also known as "industry innovator", the fourth party logistics through attention to synchronization and collaboration, many industry members of operation of supply chain.
Clearly, the three models of increasing complexity in turn, but no matter which model is adopted, in solving the logistics of the fourth party logistics based on resolve logistics issues of information sharing and logistics resources to make full use, breaks through the limitations of simply develop the third party logistics, can realize low cost operation, integration of resources to the greatest range. Therefore, the fourth party logistics will be the development of our logistics industry boosters, is the point of promoting the logistics industry in our country.