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Development of third party logistics's driving force is to create profits for your clients and yourself. Third party logistics company must to has attraction of service to meet customer need, service level must meet customer of expects, to makes customer in logistics aspects get profit, while himself also to get returns, so, third party logistics company must through himself logistics job of efficient of, and logistics management of information, and logistics facilities of modern, and logistics operation of professional, and logistics volume of scale to created profit.   
(1) job interest: third party logistics service first to provide "logistics" improved benefits. On one hand, third-party logistics companies through a third-party logistics services, given to the customers own their logistics service or logistics services required factors of production, which is an important cause for the development of logistics outsourcing and. Under the enterprise organize logistics activities, or limited to the expertise required to organize the logistics activities, or confined to their own specifications, is the internal logistics system to meet the needs of their own logistics activities, business improvement or solution to this problem is not the economy. Another improvement is to improve the internal management of the logistics operations and performance, increase operational flexibility, improved quality and consistency of service, speed and service, making logistics more efficient.    
(2) economic interest: third party logistics services to provide economic or financial interests is the base of third-party logistics services. Low cost is due to the low cost elements and create economies of scale economy, including labor costs. Logistics outsourcing can be constant costs into variable costs, and avoid blind investment and use of funds for other purposes so as to reduce costs.