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So, how should we grasp the logistics system Logistics Centre?  
First of all, in between manufacturers, buyers have the warehousing, purchasing, inspection, and order processing information content. Existed between logistics centers and customer accepts the order, order picking, shipping, checking vehicles and other logistics processes.  
Among them, the logistics centers should address the order management, bin location management, service delivery management.  
Also, the logistics center not only as a customer service, the need to cut across the branches, place, and each branch must be to coordinate and solve the various problems.  
Logistics strategy for systematic trends  
In the 80 's, for warehouse and customer order processing and distribution organizations, establish all commodity mobile transmission and distribution system is absolutely necessary. In the 90 's, evolution of LOGISTICS and need for demand forecasting, logistics centers and customers establish effective control. Sales forecasting has become an important factor. Next entered the era of consumer-centric network.  
Integrated logistics system based on improved  
So far, warehouse operators for transmission, storage, distribution, cargo handling, development trend is to connect up the sales.  
In particular non-store selling development soon, such as mail order, online shopping, see a sample call to order. Express goods delivered within days, take the form of payment or bank transfer payment for the arrival. As the core of non-store sales – the distribution center of agents accept the order of the system. In Japan, the shortage of labor, 30%-40% housewives to work, unable to shop during the day. In order to adapt to this situation, many department stores and supermarkets extended business hours. Logistics Center how to do the appropriate delivery organization work?  
What is the integration of integrated logistics system?  
Shippers and Logistics Centre interfaces that combine the two is purchasing and sales, followed by purchasing and sales networks. Integrate a variety of information to build the database. In order to establish a comprehensive logistics system, database is a must-have basics.  
Shared with shippers in the content database, or transmitting the goods, must be connected with the automation system and generating standardized questions. And the standardization of information alone is not enough, but also to achieve normalization of the container, so, in road transport and rail transport, container you want to track. Meanwhile, there is standardization of the summons. Standardized, making logistics operations in step, makes logistics system to achieve continuous, the ideal state of balance.  
Logistics management under the system of automated storage and retrieval system  
In the food industry, logistics centre such as widely used. Logistics warehouse management system and owner of sales logistics management system into the network. In this case, cargo storage, storage according to the plan, according to the shipping instructions for picking, sorting according to different customers, and shipped by an efficient transport system. In the actual system of distribution centers, and also includes the ability to accept orders. If there is adequate inventory, accepting orders, shipping and delivery, which can be used by logistics agents.  
Taken together, development of logistics center system should consider the following: 
First, the owner must pay attention to the system's overall efficiency and economy of local advanced systems will create bottlenecks.  
Second, to establish a logistics organization of the overall balance is very important. Purchasing warehousing distribution so far, any links there should be no problem. Otherwise, the part of the plug will have a negative chain reaction. Therefore, must be attached to each operation processes, people, equipment, materials, and information assurance has become a key. Special to look at peak response, in order to ensure balanced operation.  
Thirdly, it must be fast and flexible to respond to the exception. So-called anomalies are not simply referring to the failures of information systems, also includes warehouses, large and small faults. For example, the stockpile collapsed, shortage and damage. To this end, the need to establish a rapid-response system, people, equipment, material and information synchronization operation. The face of exceptional conditions, providing the necessary feedback to decision-makers in a timely manner, the system can become powerful tools for real-time processing.