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The birth of the Internet, for logistics in front of all kinds of information flow analysis provides a new tool, and they started before the logistics flow of articles in online selling information or information into a good business.
Now, while there is a lot of controversy, but for businesses in conducting business activities, must first of all data and information collected is understanding of convergence.
According to a research report from zero point investigation company: 80% enterprise management information required by the enterprise from the Internet, only 9.9% expressly refused to accept paid information services on the Internet.
China INFOBANK is specializing in China business information collection, processing and dissemination of data companies. Wang Jiafu, President believes that users generally have the information on needs: first, decision-making requires a lot of information; the other is daily information needs through continuous feedback, adjusting production and service; the third is information Exchange-users kept himself informed the customers, partners, constantly receiving feedback. To meet the needs of users, you need to be strong in the original database lookup capabilities, extensive product information and technical means. With every aspect of the operation of information flows, and create real wealth.
Experts believe that network only adhere to the concentration on the defeated width direction can be based. Recently, some well-known domestic websites focus more on looking for a professional position, formed its own characteristics, such as finance, information technology, tourism, online bookstore has a good future.
What concentration of development best suited to do about it? based on the Agency's analysis, there are two kinds of information on the website, it is easy to profit, one is the financial information, one is entertainment information. This is the "vertical portals" became popular in the background. "Vertical portals" with professional features, characterized as "specialized, depth, fine", many also have color.
China financial network for national economic sectors, economic education, research institutes and enterprises to specific users, including financial data, information, industry research reports, query classification of financial papers and other value added financial information. The Web CEO Wang Jingbo believes that selling information products on the Internet has at least three advantages: one is the network as a new carrier, regardless of time limits; second, various search tools to facilitate information audience; the third is a network of interactive features, so that the supply and demand sides can communicate, negotiate, make our products more adapted to the demand. Thus, saying from the trend, selling information products online is very viable. China finance information sales launched a "custom information" and "information on nanny" concept, also aims to increase the intensity of service, let the information flow smoothly into logistics, into real wealth.