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To cope with the demand, the country's biggest Airlines--Air China Limited (Air China Limited, hereinafter referred to as "Air China") will receive a 96 aircraft by 2012 in order to enhance capacity for this year's capital expenditures will increase in the years 50%, and 15 billion yuan. Based in Beijing's air in Shanghai also plans to expand its territory.
Kong Dong, Chairman of Air China Monday (26th), at a press conference and said that fuel hedging gains this year of about 2 billion yuan.
Benefit from the recovery of the aviation industry and fuel hedging gains, Air China 2010 first-quarter net income increased more than 1 time, 2009-turning losses into profits for the year, it recorded a net profit of 4.85 billion yuan, better than market expectations.
In 2008, the financial crisis had led to the Mainland's aviation industry going through a difficult year, but with the Chinese Government airline provided capital injections, as well as the mainland aviation market warmer last year, the market started to recover.
Kong Dong said this year between 2012 and will receive a total of 96 planes, speed up the expansion of capacity and retiring old aircraft. To the end of last year, air operating a total of 262 aircraft.
Air China Business Council Vice Director Zhu Songyan expected, net capacity growth this year will amount to $literal%.
At the same time maintain its leading position in North, based in Beijing's air in Shanghai also plans to expand its territory. Kong Dong, Shanghai market share targets by 2015, from the current $literal%, up to 20%.