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Waiting 2010 is the industry's "first year of logistics" is recognized at the international level following the logistics industry of raw materials, labour, "the third profit source", is the main artery of the national economic development, who have mastered the logistics, who will grasp the market. Historical facts also prove that national economic development apart from relying on the first pillar industry groups "production" and the second pillar industries "consume" a pillar industry groups, the "logistics" of power is not a trivial, there may be some future investment opportunities.
Fundamentally, China's logistics industry is experiencing the best time since the reform and opening up, as a new economic growth point of national economy is gradually taking shape. At present, the logistics industry has become a pillar industry, and it relates to the transportation, distribution, warehousing, packaging, processing, logistics information, equipment manufacturing, logistics facilities, logistics technology development, logistics and education, logistics services, logistics and other industries. Industry people think, then will will introduced of series logistics industry development policy will involved previously State Conference established of nine big field: more type transport and transit facilities, and Logistics Park, and city distribution, and bulk commodity and rural logistics, and manufacturing and logistics industry linkage development, and logistics standard and technology promotion, and logistics public information platform, and logistics technology research and the emergency logistics,, except is expected to break logistics industry development of regional administrative monopoly obstacles outside, also is expected to in policy aspects give substantive support.
Currently, in high-end logistics such as aviation, shipping, international express, foreign capital have seized the opportunity, will connect ARIMA, Daejeon, private road transport, such as Jiayu hydrants have been bought by foreign, domestic-funded enterprises dominate the domestic express markets in recent years as the financial crisis accelerated encroachment by foreign, the rest is a large number of small and medium enterprises. In encouraging Central enterprises under the background of restructuring, we expect to still have a monopoly of supply systems, rail systems and navigation systems of logistics companies to speed up the merger, enhanced ability to compete with foreign. From an international perspective, China since 1978 from Japan since the introduction of logistics concepts, and has gone through 30 years of journey. The modern logistics industry in China after nearly 20 years of preparation and the start from the "95" began, especially in the "XV" in the future, have very fast development. Meanwhile, China's logistics industry's development has been the Government's attention, not only industry growth is expected to increase in the future, and the mergers will create a wealth of opportunities in the secondary market, it is recommended that due attention. From industry, recommends that investors focus on rail, high-speed rail and rail construction division of logistics.