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China's dairy industry with the development of consumption, production, logistics and supply the demand exponentially, bright dairy from well production, storage and distribution of the three main components of increased investment, so that product quality has increased significantly. Food kept in room temperature environments with General drinks, fresh dairy products need to constant temperature and refrigeration processing, packaging, storage and transport in the environment, so every aspect of design and the logistics system to ensure the entire supply chain to achieve full automation.
At present, China's food industry in the product homogeneity under conditions of little and brand differentiation, is able to quickly meet customer order, become the key is to provide a steady source of customers. Dairy products requires transport efficiency of strong, neither delaying product storage time, product expiration, nor premature product. First out principle of management is one of the key to successful dairy industry logistics and distribution points, and dynamic storage systems meet the FIFO principle. Additional part of the transient area, for example by gravity chutes will be deposited the tray under the action of gravity, the first to be discharged, this can prevent losses due to negligence, and then served by the channel discharge at any time shipping point, and distribution by truck drivers to quickly find more energy savings.
Health status of filling zone will determine the quality of the entire product. Need an additional compartment would fill area isolated from the outside world in order to ensure a certain degree of cleanliness and moisture, recommends filling lines of transport plane designed to slightly above human walking channel, reducing losses caused by pollution.
Storage areas of the equipment should be capable of effective resistance and low temperature
Maintenance cost for logistics is closely related to hardware design is well thought out, especially in the larger temperature difference between the two major regional cohesion, need to prevent condensation of frost, or even freeze. To move pallets, for example, you might consider stability and higher reliability of the chain conveyor with dew process, the tray slipping from happening. Around the edge of the conveyor can do some waterproofing or, where necessary, an additional heater to prevent transportation equipment due to a temperature fault occurs.
Always guaranteed fresh milk storage environment at 12 deg, the store unloading refrigerated trucks interface with the outside world also needs to be gas-tight and low temperature. Distribution Center design requires an integrated dairy product regulations based, storage capacity and logistics capacity levels, depending on the temperature and humidity of rational planning, so as to avoid refrigerated dairy products appear "warming" phenomenon. In each part of the supply route needed through temperature monitoring system, when a link when there is a problem, should occur within the shortest time to identify problems link.
Stable operation
Stacker lift wheel must satisfy the refrigerated environment, rollers and pillars of the gap needs to be adjusted to the best, conveying pallet forks need to add non-slip holder, to avoid accidents. Machine, servo motor, reducer, coding parts and mechanical components such as photoelectric switch needs to follow the requirements for refrigeration design and installation.
Food and beverage industry applies automatic warehouse receipts
Space warehouse space utilization and planning are closely linked. Generally, automation high frame warehouse its space utilization for General warehouse of 2.5 times times; easy formed advanced of logistics system, improve enterprise production management level, not only makes goods in warehouse within by needed automatically access, also can and warehouse yiwai of production link for organic connection, and through computer management system and automation material handling equipment makes warehouse became enterprise production logistics in the of a important link; speed up goods of access rhythm, reduce intensity, improve production efficiency; Automated high rack library has a fast storage capabilities, able to warehousing of the goods fast, fast and automatic production of parts and materials required to be served on the production line, it is plain that couldn't be achieved; and process more closely; AS/RS high-rack warehouse and production process closely, becoming an integral part of production and logistics.