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A derailed freight train crossing

December 2 at 11 o'clock in the morning, a freight train after lingchuan County of Gan Tang bridge train derailment occurred when, resulted in national highway 322 traffic briefly interrupted. After the incident, the freight train companies charge immediately organized personnel manual will cross over parked cars on the road section by section in the future, restore national road open.
Derailed is a dedicated freight train, were in lingchuan County Gan Tang Qiao bridge crossing State Road 322. Trains loaded with coal, coking coal, corn and other goods when she was traveling to the East. 12:30 noon, reporters on the scene, has clearly tilted top 7 carriage, wheels off the track about 20 cm. After 7 carriages have been back over section by section, brief highway has resumed flow. Traffic police at the scene was grooming vehicles, while railway workers frantically busy at the scene.
A traffic policeman told reporters, this railway is Dr Kang key Ferroalloy company, Guilin railway. After the derailment accident occurred, the company immediately organized the workers catch up, cross train parked on the road the next section by section over stalled traffic recovery are clear.
High living nearby said that 11:10, her bus junction were backed up, she had to walk home. Go Gan Tang Qiao bridge, she saw the train stop across the road, heard the train off the Rails. At that time, cars were backed up on the road almost 5 km long. After more than half an hour, workers will have several blocked national highway 322 carriages pushed left, road is cleared.
This freight train drivers told reporters near the derailed train was a freight company's special, a total of 14 cars. Around 11 o'clock in the morning, while he was driving suddenly heard noises behind exception knows cars off the rail, then quickly plunged a few carriages of which will cross the State Road 322. He immediately reported to the company.
According to an official of the company, after the accident, they immediately organized dozens of workers, to tear across the back over the car on the road section section, which lasted 22 minutes, smooth road resumed. Next, the railway will also be overhauled.
The company believed, through 322 national road tracks have long been overloaded vehicles crush collision, makes the track loose and caused the occurrence of the accident.

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