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Transport logistic way to reduce costs

  1. to reduce logistics costs through streamlined distribution. Enterprise efficiency and distribution, reducing the number of trips, program to improve the loading rate and reasonable arrangements for vehicles, to choose the best means of transport, thereby reducing distribution costs.
2. use logistic outsourcing to reduce costs. Reduce the cost of investment enterprises to specialized third party logistics company logistics outsourcing can reduce transit time of goods, reduce the costs and losses of commodity circulation process. Qualified enterprises can use third-party logistics companies for on-line, achieve zero inventory, reduce costs.
3. by means of modern information management systems to control and reduce logistics cost. In the traditional manual management mode of enterprise cost control under the influence of many factors, not often it is impossible to achieve all aspects of optimal control. Enterprise information systems on the one hand can be used to make a variety of logistics operations or business processes accurately, quickly, on the summary of data through an information system, predictive analysis, control the logistics cost possibilities.
4. strengthening the cost management of enterprises. Work to reduce costs from the logistics management extended to enterprises in all sectors, and full life-cycle from product development, production, sales, logistics cost management, employees with long-term development of "strategic cost-conscious."
5. the circulation of the whole process of supply chain management. Made by the production company, third party logistics enterprises and marketing enterprises, consisting of consumer supply chain as a whole and systematic, integrated logistics, make the whole supply chain to maximize the benefits, so as to effectively reduce logistics costs.