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Local standards of food cold chain logistics industry

This standard specifies the process, refrigerated transport and refrigerated food cold chain storage, wholesale trade, distribution, processing and sale of Terminal and other circulation temperature control, quality management requirement has also been added. As standard provides liquid milk class (beverage) loading Qian will van body temperature pre cold to 15 ℃ party can loading; transport way products temperature not above 10 ℃; delivery units delegate cold chain distribution Enterprise carrier Shi must clear commodity of temperature requirements; frozen, and refrigerated food out library or arrived received party Shi, frozen products should in 15 minutes within, and refrigerated products should in 30 minutes within handling finished.
Enactment of the food cold chain logistics technology and management practices, will further regulate the operation of the cold chain logistics industry, Shanghai food safety by providing technical support. Shanghai prepared from meat, aquatic products, bean products began to pilot of the cold chain, a 3-year period to achieve the following objectives: the primary processing industry 90% complete cold chain processing, wholesale market 90% reach the cold chain is not interrupted, 90% form the complete link of the cold chain logistics and distribution.