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Logistics supply reduce the cost of the road

Links to production, circulation and consumption of these three major economic activities in the logistics supply chain, reducing costs is focus of managers. In the United States in a new study at the University of Wisconsin, reduce the costs of logistics and supply chain process is divided into 6 stages, giving managers pointed out that a gradual road to reduce costs.
First stage reduced functional costs
At this stage, everybody do the management work within the scope of its responsibilities, functions, and directly responsible to the company's management, and according to their requirements, to make every effort to bring costs down to the lowest possible level. For example, at the time of purchase, no matter what the conditions are as low as possible buy the purchase price of the goods and related services. Regarding the transport of goods, is to lower the transportation costs of the goods. According to statistics, about 50%, even more companies and manufacturers acknowledged that if their workers to redouble their efforts within the scope of its functions, cost reduction is a great space.
Phase II reduced delivery costs
To according to imports and export of different type goods, carefully analysis market, to keep minimum of cost costs, must in goods quality, and procurement, and assets management, and transport service and other factors Zhijian, full weigh, that is, in commercial relationship in the, both to reached agreement, the to must of interests concession, for other equal of interests concession, last to in procurement of when reached even customer industry also think extenuating circumstances, and cost costs low of sold price. In the procurement process, must see, mode of transport, packaging requirements and resource location options for lowering the cost of delivery is very important. Of course, warehousing and production bases of distance and other factors will also affect the cost of delivery. For manufacturer and customer's own cargo handling can also be used as research method. It must be noted that some manufacturers purchase from suppliers (raw materials) and delivery to the customer on the circulation of the two did a lot of management work, but no track and analyze their own costs of distribution channels management process must take place within, in fact, the cost of fully understanding will help to reduce the cost of delivery. It is estimated that this serious accounting products that occur during the flow between the internal cost approximately 25% total number of manufacturers in the world, since knowledge is not, of course not to mention cost savings. Therefore, in the areas of logistics, from manufacturer beginning until the logistics of each link in the supply chain, we should as a team, in a wide range to meet customers ' different needs and specific conditions on the continuous improvement of the quality of work, and will improve on a broader range of economic benefits and lower the cost of delivery to an optimal level.
Third stage reduces total cost of ownership
Does the enterprise have large sums of cash in the company missing? whether any analysis of the company and the project was negligence? for example, according to firms how many products will flow into, through and out of the enterprise to make decisions, and supports the decision by the introduction of asset investment, project cost, which is often neglected and forgotten. Responsible for the product came in, through and out of the corporate sector must be analyzed at this stage costs and property investment, and lower overall cost of delivery of finished product to direct customers to a minimum.
Reduce market value-cost
In accordance with European and international standards of economic model, the so-called "corporate value" concept is part of the cost of the second phase of the cost. So what is a company dedicated to the supply chain of value-added costs? it is actually in total cost of ownership of materials other than the added customer value. Now companies are starting to reduce with the marketing, sales, engineering and technical support, field support services, information technology and administrative costs related to the cost. Companies established the economic model in the economic model of product and customer profitability analysis, with a focus on total cost added, which is the purchase price plus a certain percentage of the retail price, to supplement the fees and more accurate analysis of the total cost.

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