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Shanghai logistics base isolated

Acid rain apart from vehicle emissions and industrial pollution is associated with outside of volatile chemicals, packaging, leak is "acid," one of the factors. Recently, this reporter was informed that, with the establishment of logistics bases scattered in Shanghai, transport of hazardous chemicals in the future will take more standardized packaging packets, thereby reducing the possibility of acid rain caused by chemical exposure to volatile.
At present, Shanghai logistics enterprises with specification of installed capacity less than 10, some enterprises in these dangerous chemicals sent to hospitals, schools, and scientific research institutions, often operating in environment with exposure to air, and the resulting volatile chemicals, leakage, increase to a certain extent the formation of acid rain.
According to the Shanghai Jing Tong head of the chemical company introduced Yu Qing, the key to solving this problem is sporadic hazardous chemicals will be stored in an airtight container inside the tank, when taking indoor action, also equipped with suction equipment to prevent the spread of dangerous chemicals. In future, this mode will gradually spread in other parts of the city.