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Northwest Shanghai bonded logistics centre officially launched

On September 27, running Northwest logistics park of Shanghai bonded logistics center closure and Waigaoqiao bonded logistics park, bonded logistics park Logistics Center in Northwest China strategic cooperation signing ceremony held this afternoon.
After nearly a decade of planning and construction, Foundation of Northwest logistics park in Shanghai, has gradually developed a characteristic of urban logistics, medical and logistics. However, how to enhance the development of standards, building a high level of logistics is a major issue for the managers of the port.
Located in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free trade zone management experience on the other side, the brand effect, but its far from the hinterland of Shanghai, the existing bonded warehouses and bonded export processing zone system not adapted to modern business flexibility demands, also faces new situation in the second venture.
Waigaoqiao bonded logistics park, and Northwest Logistics Park bonded logistics center district linkage, and mutual total win, both looking for to has development new way in Shanghai land traffic port, construction a function complete of bonded logistics center, let enterprise get near convenience of bonded logistics service, up to connection overseas and inland two big market, makes resources fast flow Yu domestic and abroad of purpose, to accelerated enterprise business import and upgrade, advance this area of industry structure adjustment.
It is understood that the Northwestern Logistics Park, bonded logistics center in Shanghai is located in Shanghai's West Gate, located in the middle ring road and the outer ring, between the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Shanghai-Jiading Expressway, adjacent to 204, 312 national highway and Shanghai West railway station, is the approval of the State Council of 17 one of the bonded logistics center project, is also one of the four logistics parks in Shanghai's core function of Northwest logistics park project.
It is known to,, PuTuo district, Shanghai SASAC joint venture with Shanghai Waigaoqiao logistic center limited trading platforms of bonded logistics center in the Northwest, as the only operation of bonded logistics center in the Northwest, has overall responsibility for investment, management and operation. According to the agreement signed by both sides, Waigaoqiao bonded logistics zone platform company operations, achieve function, image and efficiency, Foundation for company's capital base to expand the economic base for the platform. Bonded logistics centre as soon as possible to park in the Northwest of the existing non-business asset stripping, lock the property, field, phase II the book value of the business assets such as land. Phase II of reserved land resources reasonable industrial layout adjustment, provide new space for industrial development.
Use of their respective advantages and function additive effects of Waigaoqiao bonded logistics park's many years of experience, Waigaoqiao and linkage of logistics park in Northwest China, for Shanghai's development of sea, land and air transport, to promote the Shanghai Center construction and make a positive contribution to economic and social development. Zhou Guoxiong Northwest Logistics Park, bonded logistics center set a goal.
It is reported that Northwest Logistics Park, bonded logistics center in Shanghai will be the urban logistics distribution and retail logistics is good at, based on radiation in Yangtze River Delta and the Inland Logistics land crossing. Not only enjoys special treatment in customs policy management, in the tax administration also has special will further reduce logistics costs.