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Southern Shanghai freight building sustainable brands

Brand, with customers is the spirit of the agreement, triggering deep recognized by customers, to "soul inspiration" realm of top brands. China Southern Airlines Company Limited (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, hereinafter referred to as "Southern") the freight Department of the Shanghai base according to CSA 2010 brand services to years of guidance to explore Shanghai freight loading service brand building, standardize and optimize operational processes, enhance the level of service, cargo safety and benefits into sustainable brand power.
Create a security monitor, benefit boosters, reputation of the incubator. In accordance with the relevant provisions of organizing production, coordinating ground agents and related units to ensure the safety of aircraft and ground vehicles, last check is to ensure cargo security without hidden dangers pass important positions to achieve security goals. Brand helps to improve the quality of machine-building, increased cargo carrying rate advantages guaranteed to ease selling pressure, so as to improve air cargo revenue. Punctuality improved cargo transportation, cargo damage rate and loss rate and wrapped with unusual transport rate of decrease, to provide customers with safe, convenient service, become the preferred customer.
Create freight loading "special innovation, especially can stand, able to endure hardship, to fight" brand culture. "Innovation" reflected in the positions and improve knowledge and skills of personnel, integrated and flexible redeployment of staff, optimized stacking of goods is given the best recommendation of the installed location. "Stand" is reflected in the high temperature rainstorm weather, time of task protection requirements, guarantee the strength and length of the bad environment and condition of the patient. "Eat bitterness", embodied in what strength and length to respond quickly, and be able to complete its task. "Fighting" embodied in the development initiative of responsibility, mobilize the initiative, have an enormous potential power density in flight, more widespread distribution of the flight lasting edge.