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Freight forwarding company since counterfeiting certificates help customer clearance

Freight forwarding company for clients to retain, own fake certificate of entry-exit inspection and quarantine. No matter what, as long as they pay, companies can clear customs.
This morning, the police held a press conference, notify released the Xiamen to date the mass production and trafficking since entry-exit inspection and quarantine of fake ID fake case: destroying weapons making and selling fake seals, certificate of inspection and quarantine Lab 3, site inspection and quarantine of seized fake seals 12, for 7 and 11 port inspection and quarantine inspection and quarantine institutions. Fake blank inspection and quarantine certificate, over more than 300 detained 11 people involved.
Starting from late last year, a number of State institutions to reflect, in some goods they import from China, found the goods into customs inspection and quarantine certificate held by a trick. The certificate in question, partly covered with seal of the Xiamen entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau. One of Slovenia's customers require sales by China stone material, provide the fumigation disinfection certificate, but they finally received the stone, a fumigation certificate, checks but had not been fumigated, finally had to go back to stone.
"Then we investigate, these certificates were found to be false. "Inspection and quarantine staff said, it turned out that export of goods by freight forwarding company, all inspection and quarantine certificates, are arranged by the freight company. Police found that they do not undergo inspection and quarantine procedures, concocted a false certificate out off directly.
Through investigation, the Panel found 3 dens of manufacturing and selling fake certificates. May 25, at 8 o'clock in the morning, police and inspection personnel, hit 3 dens, captured 12 gold inspection seal, covering Shandong, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, 7 direct entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
Captured "universal foreign trade company" Mister Lu Mou said, his company is a company registered in the industrial and commercial sectors have regular, he felt the fierce market competition, using false evidence can keep many foreign trade companies to customers. He said: "the formal inspection and quarantine procedures, shipment to three or four days time, with false words, can operate on the same day. ”