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The nation's largest freight forwarding contract fraud case

Ling Weidong, was a Director of the Bank's outlets in Yiwu, and later engaged in foreign trade, the mind is very flexible. In early 2006, because of money, plus business loopholes, his debts of millions of Yuan.
How to quickly "get rich" Ling Weidong found his friend Kim, Kim familiar with the freight forwarding industry, know that according to the regulations of international freight forwarding, shipping international freight forwarding company freight sent was received from 30 days to 45 days after the invoice is paid. They take advantage of the time difference, designed a fraud scheme.
Ling Weidong, who the name of another person in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other 18 shell companies were registered and then to solicit business on behalf of the company to the market, then commissioned another regular freight company to ship.
At first, they paid the shipping charges in a timely manner. After a period of cooperation, monthly manner they talk to regular company, signed a contract. Almost agreed with at the time, they have to cash flow difficulties and other reason Dodge. Regular freight forwarding company to find the door, only to find that the company had "shut down".
At the time they had fooled a shipping fee of more than 20 million Yuan. This is also the country's largest freight forwarding contract fraud case.
On August 19, the Jinhua city intermediate people's Court for the mega-contract fraud case involved the judgment of first instance, in which 6 people were sentenced to life imprisonment.