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Development of express industry in China has great potential

Dawa said 8th Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the China Association, as a sunrise industry, now National Express business was less than GDP 0.3%, reach 1% of GDP per cent compared with the developed countries; China express business is only about 2 billion annually, United States about 7.5 billion a year. Development space is enormous.
Dawa said the face of the financial crisis, courier service business development at an annual average rate of more than 20%. Principal contradictions currently facing the industry is still insufficient development of capacity to address economic and social demand for mail. So, with new amendments to the postal law standardizing the market order, to establish a unified, open, competitive and orderly market system.
Dawa said that courier services as an industry sprang up in the 80 's of the last century. According to statistics from related departments, currently registered more than 2000 companies in the Commerce sector, over more than 5,000 branches. There are a lot of logistics enterprises, transport companies are also involved in the express business, estimated at tens of thousands. Postal enterprises in China has more than 700,000 people, combined with private and foreign express delivery business, expects millions of Chinese post industry practitioners. With the new postal law and the implementation of the express business license management, express positive requirements in Enterprise license access and accelerate the momentum of increasing investment on hardware construction, courier business volume growth even more.
Express is a special, very fastidious about the credit industry. Dawa said that this requires that practitioners must have higher quality, from the perspective of management practitioners must have the appropriate qualification. State Post Bureau organization of the delivery agent national occupational standards, only the specification, quality of employees in order to constantly improve, the legitimate interests of consumers can be protected more effectively.