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Consignment is lost

A battery was assigned to the transport company, shipment of goods, but this batch of goods worth more than 340,000 yuan in transit "disappeared", how on earth did this happen? Recently, the Court made a verdict on the case of Yixing in Jiangsu Province, lost goods transport company has been convicted in full to bear the loss.   
On January 25, 2008, Yixing, a battery company and a transport company signed a cargo agreement, both parties agree, the transport company responsible for the battery January 26, 2008, the company's 560 meter weighs 14 tons of batteries (total value of 345400 Yuan) security are sent to designated unloading place both Huaian, lianshui, by the consignee after acknowledgement by the company to pay the freight, total shipping cost 3000 RMB. After the conclusion of the contract, the battery company will deliver the goods, at the appointed time of receipt, receiving units but said had not received the batteries. Battery companies to ask the transportation company and other goods has already been issued, could not send to. The shipment also mysterious "missing"? Further understand that things finally come out. Originally, after the carrier agreement with the battery company, transportation company commissioned a logistics company in Changzhou to carriage of the goods, logistics company driver a TAM is responsible for the cargo. When advised that the goods are not delivered to destination, the transport company immediately called a TAM, but found not contact him. On January 29, 2008, Tan received text messages from a transport company, says: I burst lung cancer, I have seen in my life, not for Xuzhou two homes four homes to check, transfer the brain. Transport company suspected that the cargo had been Tan a Dispose, and reported the case to the police station. Subsequently, the two sides conducted consultations on cargo claims, could not find the real perpetrators of a Tan, also think that the "cause" of transport companies to pay 60,000 yuan. But the goods valued at 345400 Yuan, battery company, transportation company has an obligation to its cargo safe and timely transportation to designated locations, and assume the risk of damage to or loss of the goods carried, therefore, to court and claim compensation from the shipping company remaining loss 285400 Yuan.   
During the trial, accused transportation companies argued that for carriage of the goods is the Changzhou logistics company directly, driver missing, so lost specific number and value of the goods cannot be found. In this regard, the plaintiff cell companies say their only transportation company, did not know the defendant also commissioned other company carrier without authorization.   
Yixing court hearing that, among the original accused, "the cargo agreement" an effective, legally binding on the parties. Plaintiffs have come the goods delivery of the consignment by the defendant, the defendant as a carrier, would make the safe transportation of the consignment by the plaintiff to the prescribed destination, otherwise the goods during transport should be damage and loss liability. Accused without the plaintiff's consent, fulfilment of contractual obligations transferred to third parties without authorization, leads to carriage of the goods lost, unaccounted for, accused of wrongdoing, its legal relationship with a third party is not against the plaintiff, and is another legal relation, not involved in the case. Court based on evidence to confirm the value of the lost goods was 345400 Yuan, deducting compensation paid under 60000, accused transport company should compensate the plaintiff company 285400 Yuan.