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Internet application in logistics industry

The logistics industry is not only one of the top ten industry planning, is also an important field of information technology and Internet application. Its comprehensive information and logistics management, process monitor not only for enterprise logistics efficiency, cost control and other benefits, and overall improves the information level of enterprises, as well as related fields, so as to achieve the objective of driving the development of the whole industry.
&Nbsp;     in Jiangsu, for example, using sensor networks of large-scale industrialization and application of traditional industries as a result of fundamental changes, with the focus on driving effects of modern equipment manufacturing, modern agriculture, modern services, modern logistics industry development. Intelligent logistics sensor network as one of the ten economic area sensor network demonstration project, as its sensor network industry is an important part of planning.
&Nbsp;     IT service providers boost logistics industry to raise the informatization level
&Nbsp;     in 2008, Chinese total social logistics up to 88.82 trillion yuan, an increase of 18.1% increase fell 8.1%; value added logistics industry growth fell 5.7%; increase in total social logistics costs fell 3.5%. Partly as a result of the global financial crisis, total port cargo throughput decreased, on the other hand is a total social logistics costs drop, and faced with this crisis, but because of high costs, low efficiency of domestic logistics industry into a trough.
&Nbsp;     at present, the domestic logistics industry Informationization level continues to be low, internally, the lack of IT information system solutions, not using the feature-rich platform, customized solutions quickly, ensuring the accuracy of order fulfillment, to meet customer's specific needs. Foreign logistics enterprises in each region has its own platform and management systems, low levels of information sharing, where high barriers. For the present problems in the industry, some third-party IT system providers and telecom operators have proposed different solutions based on industry, and some progress has also been made.
&Nbsp;     internally, is the core of the integration of logistics information and involving IT solutions designed and configured, host management, trading partner extensions, as well as operation management services. IBM also recently launched an undercover operation codenamed "IBMeDistribution" solutions to meet market demand for high quality, low cost of the electronics industry. Solution at a lower cost to establish and maintain industry-standard data exchange centre, Internet connectivity standards combined with advanced forms of technology, users do not need to set up operations, easily combined with trade partners, trade business anytime, anywhere, to create cost-efficient supply chain.
&Nbsp;     from abroad, Omnitrol Networks company and United Kingdom telecommunications as an example of cooperation, Omnitrol Networks company for business process optimization of real-time application network platform based on RFID (radio frequency identification) solutions for asset tracking and traceability, United Kingdom Department of Telecom supply chain solutions business can make use of RFID technology, wireless technology and sensor technology, Provides scalability, functionality of real-time supply chain visibility solutions, assets and operations. Through this cooperation, RFID, UWB, Wi-Fi real-time location system (RTLS), mobile handheld devices, PLC, sensors have been unified integration, can significantly reduce costs, and provide powerful services.
&Nbsp;     problems should be paid attention to in the development
&Nbsp;     overall Shang view, China of sensing network industry development still in started stage, which China of logistics information construction and real networking field of expand, if can reference existing experience and the effective mode, will can in short time within made rapid development, but development in the still exists many problem, main performance for enterprise scale level varies, technology standard lack, innovation system not perfect, application field not wide, and level partial low, operation mode not mature, And for this, you must pay attention to the following issues:
&Nbsp;     sensing network industry has explosive strong, and associated degrees big, and permeability high, and application range wide of features, modern logistics industry belongs to sensing network led industry, in development process in the must both sensor, and sensing network chip, and sensing node, and operating system, and database software, and middleware, and application software, and system integrated, and network and content service, and intelligent control system and the equipment, core industry and IC, and network and communications equipment, and Supporting industries such as software development.